The Chemicals Needed To Keep Your Pool Clean

Getting into your pool on a hot day can be one of the most wonderful experiences you can have in your backyard. Even though the idea of jumping into a pool might seem very appealing on a hot day, swimming through a bunch of chemicals may seem less than ideal. Knowing a bit more about the chemicals that you have to work with can make you feel a bit better about what you may have to add to your pool:


You need to maintain the pH balance in your pool and this often means using an appropriate amount of chlorine. If there is too little chlorine in your pool your pH will often be around a .5. If the chlorine in your pool is only 10% active you might see a pH level around 7.5. Your chlorine mixture needs to be 50 to 60% active in the water so that it can clean and kill off bacteria.


A low level of calcium is often the best for your pool surfaces as this can prevent the chance that calcium can build up in your pumps and along your liner.


Bromine works as an alternative to chlorine and it works well if you have somebody that’s allergic to chlorine. You can introduce bromine into a pool system the same way that you would chlorine. Bromine tablets kill off bacteria and clear your pool but the bromine levels will need to be monitored accordingly.


Algaecide is beneficial for killing off algae growth in your pool. It’s unlikely that it will prevent the onset of a full-on algae infestation. Algaecide is highly beneficial for preventing algae blooms and it can make sure that the micro-organisms will not have a chance to grow quickly.

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