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The benefits of regularly changing up your exterior paint

Many people treat their exterior house painting as a once-a-decade done-deal. But that’s not true! Even regular paint jobs require appropriate maintenance, and there are genuine benefits to changing things up every once in a while. Especially in harsher conditions, the paint may start flaking and peeling off in parts or losing its color, becoming muted and gray. That makes it a priority to repaint your house’s exterior every couple of years, to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Not only does it help you feel good about staying in a well-kept home, but renewing your home’s paint is also documented to increase its property value, among other benefits.

The way a house looks can tell you a lot about the owner. So what, do you suppose, a house that looks weathered and worn tells any on-lookers, be it neighbors or potential buyers? Now compare it to the same house, but once it’s had a commercial painting applied. It will be a day and night difference, that’s for sure. A house that’s had its paint regularly changed will look not only new, but also much more appealing and inviting. So take up the task of repainting your home, not just as a duty, but also an excellent opportunity to express yourself. After all, paints come in all colors, textures and can have different properties! Dress up your dream house, the precise way you would like it to be. Sure, you’ve chosen your favorite paint color in the past, but there is such a large variety of colors and different painting styles, that one of them is sure to grow on you.

You can choose a commercial painting contractor if you’d like, or elect to do so yourself, for maximum pleasure. Immerse yourself in the work and feel accomplished by the end of it. The personal attention to detail will make every corner of the house’s exterior feel truly yours, as well as be handy for patching up any damaged bits. Excellent paint reapplied often enough will not only make your house look better. It will also protect the wood underneath from weather or other damaging factors. Prevent the build-up of stains and mildew with regular upkeep.

Exterior house painting costs are often thought to be prohibitively high, but that’s simply not true. You end up saving on repairs if you regularly repaint, more than the cost of the paint you reapply every once in a while. It’s possible, and even likely you’ll be ahead of the game by doing so, in addition to all the other great benefits it will offer you.

There are additional health benefits to changing up your paint often. Older paint tends to let in more moisture, as well as various debris particles from outside, leading to a faster dust build-up inside the house. As we all know, regular exposure to moisture can cause mold to develop and undermine the structure of the home, perhaps even without you noticing. Meanwhile, living in a dustier environment lessens the quality of the air you’re getting and makes you more prone to infections and respiratory problems. So take up some light carpentry work to protect the health of everyone living inside your home.

The best part of it all, if you elect to take up commercial painting services, you can benefit from all the upsides without needing to expose yourself to any risks. Leaving the exterior painting to the professionals who have the necessary tools and experience is more straightforward while offering the same benefits to painting it yourself. DIY projects are fun, but painting the higher stories or mixing the chemicals requires some expertise. Otherwise, you expose yourself to certain risks. That’s not to say you can’t do it by yourself, but you need to be careful and follow fool-proof guidance if you do.

Invest in your home, and at no point later will you ever regret it.


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