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Things to Have to Achieve the Perfect Bathroom    

Everyone has his or her dream bathroom in mind, probably because it is one place at home that, if built correctly, can relieve stress and help you relax.  If you want to achieve the perfect bathroom, you should pay close attention to the essentials that you feel will make it comfortable.

So here are a few things that you need to consider to achieve the perfect bathroom.

Classy tiles

If you have classy tiles in your bathroom, you might visit it as often as you can, right? Classy tiles are more pleasing to the eyes, especially if you pick colours that complement each other. Whether you want, a bold pattern or a classic white design, classy tiles will bring an extra feeling of comfort.

High-quality essentials

Your bathroom should not only look pretty, but it should also function well. Picking a toilet is not as exciting as choosing the tiles, but you have to cautiously pick the right one to prevent leaks in the future.

You may also want to pick among the top of the range steam showers that can be used both for bathing and for its health benefits. Investing in this type of shower will prevent extra expenses that you may have to shell out by going to the gym or the spa.

Vanity area

After you have had a relaxing shower or bath, you will likely spend time in front of your vanity mirror. Choose carefully! Make sure you will enjoy spending time in front of the one you pick.

Touch of nature 

Bring in the flowers! Or better yet a potted plant that can make the bathroom more welcoming. A bit of nature can make your bathroom feel more personal and less austere.

Luscious tub

Aside from your shower, you must also have a tub to soak in. Add an extra stool to serve as a place to put down your book or a glass of wine. You can also add a tub tray to keep the essentials closer to you.

Feature wall

You can use feature walls in living rooms and bedrooms, but if you want to call attention to a tub, then a stone slab will do the trick.

Proper lighting

 Whether you want a chandelier hanging somewhere inside the bathroom or you want sleek LEDs all around the room, adequate lighting will surely bring an extra boost to your already luxurious bathroom.


Well-layered lighting will also help you with your daily morning routine, so make sure that you have enough light on top of or behind your mirrors too.


Great view


So you are soaking in the tub, what would you like to see? The city lights at night? The beach? Or a lush forest? Think carefully about this one last element and you will surely be able to achieve the bathroom that is perfect for you.

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