Innovative Roofing Products for 2021

To make your home stand out and keep it current, consider using the most recent roofing materials. A modern, attractive roofing product can also improve your house’s resale price. Find out more about these four new roofing products that are expected to be in high demand in 2021.

Synthetic slate shingles

Synthetic slate shingles can be used as a roofing material and are an affordable alternative to real slate. Synthetic slate tiles are made from rubber or plastic and mimic the look of genuine slate shingles. They are therefore considered eco-friendly. Synthetic slate shingles are also available in many styles and designs, and they are very easy to install.

Synthetic slate shingles are $4-$6 per square foot. The cost of synthetic slate shingles is significantly lower than that of genuine slate shingles. Synthetic slate shingles are cost-effective and visually appealing. They can last around 40-50 years if they are maintained correctly.

Synthetic wood shakes

People who want to give their roofs rustic appeal can use synthetic wood shakes. Synthetic wood shakes can be made from cypress or redwood trees, pine, or western Red Cedar trees. Vinyl cedar shake is a popular wood shake.

Traditional wood shakes are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. A wide range of synthetic wood shakes is being offered on the market. This new roofing product has the same attractive look as traditional wood shakes, but at a lower price.

Solar shingles

Solar shingles, the latest technology in solar shingles, mimic asphalt shingles and generate electricity for your home. These shingles are durable and last up to 30 years. They also produce the highest energy output. Even after their maximum lifespan, solar shingles still produce electricity but at a lower capacity. They are more attractive than traditional asphalt shingles, and they weigh up to 13 lbs per square foot less.

Your average energy consumption will determine how many solar shingles you need to power your building. Even if you only install a few solar roofs, your energy bill will be significantly reduced. A single solar shingle can produce between 13 and 63 watts.

Solar shingles, unlike solar panels, are less expensive, more attractive, and easier to install and remove than solar panels. They are not as efficient as solar panels, and they require a slope with high sunlight exposure. Solar shingles can be installed for anywhere between $21 and $25 per square foot.

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