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Kitchen Decor Inspirations for Beach Houses 2020

The kitchen is the heart of every home. But most homeowners neglect to update the look of their kitchen, and instead, they put more effort into decorating other areas of their home. If you want to add value to your beach house for future sale, we buy houses West Palm Beach online agents can help you sell your beach house fast.

Consider updating your kitchen décor. Take inspiration from the following kitchen decorating ideas acquired from beachfront house tours.

Aqua appliances

Spice up your kitchen with colorful vintage-like appliances. These can make a fun and bold statement that can add a focal point to your space. To provide a refreshing beach vibe even in the kitchen, you can add beach associated hues such as turquoise or green to your crisp white kitchen.

Striped stools

Another way to level up your beachfront home kitchen is to use striped stools. To achieve this decorating trend, you only need to buy any striped stool cover. The best-striped combination that can provide a classic coastal feel is blue and white stripes.

For those who want to give their ordinary kitchen stools a total transformation, asking an upholstery service nearby is an option. For easier cleanup and to avoid spills and stains, make sure to choose a fabric with high stain resistance.

Groove and shiplap paneling

Don’t let the drywall in your kitchen become the most boring space inside your beach house. A stylish kitchen would likely to capture interest. You can cover your kitchen’s drywall with groove and shiplap paneling, either vertical or horizontal, to bring a character to a space that lacks detail.

And when covering your wall with shiplap and groove paneling, make sure to continue it on the cabinetry and the ceiling. You may also use fresh white paint to provide the paneling with a seamless appearance.

Painted floors

Have you seen a kitchen with painted floors before? Painted floors are now a trend for beach house kitchens. But this only applies to kitchens with wood floors.

Revive the beauty of your wood kitchen floor by painting it with marine paint. It will allow you to achieve a fresh beach house appearance and have long-lasting beautiful floors.

Bistro stools

If you want a stylish and comfortable décor to add to your beachfront home kitchen, opt for bistro stools. These chairs are lightweight, chic, comfortable, and easy to maintain furniture. They add extra elegance in any space, especially for the kitchen that is going for a more coastal look.

Yacht-like details

For those people who like the idea of having a yacht, why not add yacht-inspired details in your kitchen? You can start by revamping your kitchen floors to make them similar to the ones inside a yacht and then go over to your cabinet hardware. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a designer look. What you need is creativity and a mind with limitless ideas.

These décor inspirations can help you to level up the look of your beach house kitchen in the easiest way. Stun your family and guests with fantastic kitchen experience.

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