When Is It Time to Contact Your Local Exterminator?

Homeowners need to beware of having rodents in their house. Rats and mice can taint your food, cause structural damage and transfer diseases. The word rodent comes from the French word “rodere” which means to gnaw. This is something they’re well known for because of their powerful front teeth.

If you are looking for a way to prevent this type of damage from happening in the first place, then maybe it’s best to figure out how to prevent the rodents from coming into your house. Sometimes, it is too late, and therefore you need to call a professional to assist you. We will discuss how you can rodent proof your home and what steps you need to take before you hire a professional exterminator.

Secure Your Home with These Tips

If you want an effective way to control the rodents, then it is necessary to do a thorough inspection of your house. Check for cracks and crevices. Then apply and exterior grade sealant to the areas. You should also look into sealing your home from the outside too. To eliminate easy access, keep the trees around your home trimmed and make sure no branches are touching outside of your home. If you have an indoor fireplace and need to access firewood, then make sure it is a few inches off of the ground.

Don’t leave food out all night! Rats need about 1 to 2 Oz of food per night. That’s why it is important to eliminate the amount of food you leave out at night. Use storage containers and keep them stored in your kitchen pantry at night for extra protection. Try to reduce the amount of paper and cardboard products in your home. If you have a particular storage space, then make sure that all your boxes are organized to reduce clutter.

The Rodents Have Infested Your Home

What do you do when you are finding tiny mice living under your sink or creeping through your walls? At this point, you are past prevention, and it’s time to contact a specialist. If you feel as if mice have infested your home, then it is necessary to solve the problem fast. Some small rodents have the potential to carry parasites, viruses, and bacteria. This can be a dangerous living situation for you and your family. It is advised to act immediately verses waiting for the problem to get worse.  A professional rodent exterminator encino ca will inspect your home and identify the proper steps to resolve your issue.

You can contact a local exterminator by doing a little research. Within a short amount of time, you should be able to find some experts in your area. Take a moment and think about some questions to ask them. For example, you can ask them “what type of methods they use?”, “do they offer a company guarantee?”, and “can they offer you a free estimate?”. You don’t have to meet them in person to get answers. A simple phone call will suffice. Take notes during your phone call and ask yourself which expert is best for you.  If a professional is not willing to answer the questions you have, then move on to the next. You want to make sure that the contractor who enters your home is pleasant and polite.

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