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Floormats can save you money

It’s nice to see savings in your bank account. Sometimes savings are hidden because preventative measures reduce expenses that you didn’t know you had.

Safety precautions like custom logo door mats at a business are huge cost-savings that go unnoticed. Let’s look at some ways that floormats can save you money.

  1. Icy Falls – There are floormats for both inside and out, some that melt ice outside of an entrance. This can help you to save thousands in labor and lost wages if someone falls or gets hurt. You also have the option to take legal action against a customer who slips or falls at your front door.
  2. Cleaning – Using floormats strategically placed around your business premises can help keep it cleaner.
  3. Marketing – Branded flooring mats can also be a smart way of increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Branded floormats are useful for trade shows, showrooms, entrances, and other high-traffic areas. A branded floormat is a more affordable option than other marketing methods. It’s like a billboard, but without the monthly costs.
  4. Illness – Shoes can carry a lot of bacterias and pathogens. Although they may remain on the ground for most of the time, don’t underestimate how many times an item touches the floor before someone touches it. Dropped car keys, boxes, and pieces of paper can all fall on the floor. You will have more diseases if you don’t have good quality floormats at your entranceway. You lose money when employees call in sick. You can save money by reducing the number of illnesses. Floormats and other floormats are one way you can reduce risk.
  5. Wet Floor Falls– Although not all places require floormats for wet floors, some are necessary. If you don’t have them, slips and falls can cost you money. Wet floor mats and signs on the floor can make it easier to walk in areas that are often wet like locker rooms, entrances, kitchens, etc. This practice will save you money each time a fall doesn’t happen. Although it is difficult to predict how many times it could have caused injury, good flooring mats and low incidences of injuries are good indicators.
  6. Greasy Flooring – Glyphemic floors can be dangerous, just like wet floors. Grease is even more dangerous because it can be slippery. Most health departments require commercial kitchens have heavy-duty flooring mats that protect workers from falling. Remember that if workers get too much grease on their feet and then walk out, it can track the grease out to other customers. It is therefore important to use different floormats in kitchen areas to reduce slip-and-fall risks and allow for the cleaning of shoes afterward.
  7. Broken – A good floormat will reduce the chances of things being dropped and breaking. This will save you money over time on things such as plates, glasses wear, and any other items that might break if they are dropped on a hard surface.

These are just a few of the most important things to remember when looking at floormats. You should not skimp on quality floormats as they can help you save time, money, and enhance your branding. You should remember that floormats can save you time, money, and do a job that is often overlooked, but that you will notice it if they aren’t there.

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