How to decorate your home with candles

Candles have been used in home decor since the beginning of time. They were originally used for lighting living spaces, but there was no electricity. The advent of electricity and electric bulbs saw the end of candles. They were now used for decoration purposes. They were paired with wall decor accessories such as decorative candle holders or designer sconces and became an essential accessory to dinner tables. This is how candles began to be used to create a specific mood in space or create an ambiance. Here are some tips to help you decorate your home with candles if you’re fascinated by candles.

Living Room

Living rooms are the first place that an outsider sees when they enter your home. This means it is important to be prepared for unexpected visitors. Accessorizing your coffee table, ottomans, and side tables is the best way to go. Scented candles not only look great but also make your living area smell amazing. You can use decorative candle holders in various sizes and pillar candles to decorate coffee tables. Or, for ottoman decorating, you could get a decorative tray that includes a pineapple candle and an antique candle lamp.


Many people get too particular when decorating their entranceways. Some overdo it, while others forget to add a statement piece of decor. A beautifully decorated entrance will impress your guests even before they enter your home. Play it smart.

Dining Room

Many movies show large dining rooms with extravagant candle holders and candles. So why not try it in your own home. So that the fragrance of the food is not drowned out, unscented candles can be used on dining tables and in dining rooms. Use floating candles that are submerged, unscented taper candles with holders for decorative candle holders, and unscented glass votives.


The bedroom is the heart of romance. To spread romantic vibes, choose ambient lighting and add a scent to your bedroom. The lighting can transform the atmosphere and decor of your bedroom. We suggest that you use fewer LEDs and more candles. For reflection, use scented decorative candles. The warm rose aroma and candlelight will create a romantic atmosphere and spark between you.


What person doesn’t enjoy sipping coffee while reading their favorite book under the candlelight? Unwinding after a hard day is easy when you can relax in the fresh air and light candles in an outdoor space. There is nothing better than sitting in your garden with your friends for a cup of coffee. When using candles outdoors, be sure to use a cylindrical glass vase. You can pair them with taper, pillar, or other shaped candles.


It is important that your bathroom looks and smells great. Scented candles are an excellent way to improve the decor appeal and make your bathrooms smell great. Try fresh scents like ocean breeze or citrus. For a relaxing evening after a busy day, you can place some scented glass votives around your Bathtub

Prayer Room

An Indian home would not be complete without a prayer space. For us, lighting incense sticks and praying is an integral part of our lives. Incense candles emit a lot of smoke, which is dangerous for your health. You want to make your home smell great because good fragrances will bring joy to your home. Scent candles can be used to make your prayer rooms look beautiful and make them smell great. Metal candleholders and decorative candles with scented candles are the best options. Buy Candle Making Supplies Online from Aussie Candle Supplies store at reasonable price.

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